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Nektar Digital

Professional production of exclusive audiovisual content and art concepts for visual artists, event agencies, designers.

Nektar Digital is a content production group. We are specializing on development and production stock photos, images, video footage, motion and vector graphics, game & VR content for international new media, art, creative markets and entertainment industries.

People don’t buy only content,
but an opportunity to create in their own art form!

Alexander Kuiava – Key Partner

Digital content we are selling is not only pictures or video sequences. It’s a creative idea, embodied in a form of audiovisual content. No matter how pompous it sounds, but we are producing the essence for creativity. Original content with no limitations for use is an infinite source of new ideas and possibilities for any creator.

8 main advantages, benefits, and winnings our clients get from us

We are a group of young professionals from 6 countries, with average work experience in media technology of 10 years.

Flexible financial terms for clients, which take into account specifics of each country and project features. We know the price difference and will propose you the best option regarding your conditions.

We use the best media-technological base and the most modern hardware and software supplies to create source materials, and we also use RAW content captured from the real world with the highest quality equipment.

Our technologies of project implementation suppose the intermediate execution control points, which can be monitored collectively. Each of the stages has its time limit, which is easy to fix.

The time is the unique, irreplaceable resource. So we have learned to respect and cherish the time of our clients, offering them the best, tested by practice technology.

We have a ton of various ideas, some of them are very expensive. All of them may make your business looks amazing with our content and art concepts. What we create are the revenue-generating business.

We support all our customers through our new media & marketing channels, websites, social medias and on events in partners venues. So we are always interested in your business growth!

We are offering the new meanings within their ideas, creating spaces for their concepts and visions, and adding strength & direction to their influence.

Create new, decorate the world with your ideas and express your vision with Nektar Digital