Nektar Digital

Nektar Digital is a content production company. We are specializing on development and production stock photos, images, video footages, motion and vector graphics, game & VR content for international new media, art, creative markets and entertainment industries.

We have one own studio and In-house solutions to develop and produce creative assets. Green Screen Studio. Render Farms and Video Equipment


There are a lot of marketplaces, digital content stocks and services. And we know how deliver the right content, through channel to give a best price for the customer


We don't want to lose a content. Every pixel in graphics, images, photos, videos or 3d models should be optimized in new forms and shapes.


All our content is using also in automated online web service tools, desktop software and mobile applications.

Event Visuals

VJ Loops Farm

Video Art Marketplace for VJs & Visual Artists. Download Full HD & 4K Motion Backgrounds, VJ Clips, Event Visuals for Art & Entertainment Projects

Video Projection Visuals

Video Mapping Store

3D Animation & Visual Effects for Projection Mapping Show. Download Video Mapping Loops and Toolkits. Perform Your Architecture!

Event Design Mockups


Graphic Design for Entertainment: Event Design Stock. Digital Media for Events: Brand Identity, Logotypes, Prints, Artworks and Visuals.

Game Assets

Game FX Store

Game content marketplace for Game developers

Motion Branding Templates


Green Screen Video Footages. 4K Chroma Key Motion Backgrounds.<br /> Models over Green Screen

Chroma Key Footage

Green Screen Stock

Green Screen Video Footages. 4K Chroma Key Motion Backgrounds.<br /> Models over Green Screen


National Footage

4K Royalty-free Video Footage of ethnic traditions and landmark places

Concept photos


Creative Photo stock and art illustrations marketplace for business and media. Download royalty-free photos and images by Senseimages


People do not buy content,
but an opportunity to create in their own art form!

Alexander Kuiava - Key Partner

Brand Showreel

Watch, Inspire, Order, Download:
Video Footages, Green Screen Footages, VJ Loops, Event Visuals, Video Mapping Animation, Holographic Videos, After Effect Templates, Broadcast Design Packs, Event Graphic Design Mockups, Stock Photos, Images, VR Content, Game Assets, Acapellas Sound, Music and many more high quality resolution, instant download digital content for Art, New Media, Entertainment, VR Design and Game Development creative projects!

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